This is the old Hofkens family from Louis Van Hove of Belguim.

This Champion fancier, lived just a mile from Hofkens, built his family of race winners over 35 years with this super family of birds. Winning National Champion Loft, Belguim, National Ace Pigeons and also Olympiad birds representing all Belguim.

"LAURA" -The foundation hen of Van Hoves loft yes the very best hen in the loft!! Mother to many many top racers and foundation breeders.

The Hofkens pigeons dominated the sport in the early 70's just as they do now. Yes, 30 years later. This family wins from 200 to 500 miles in all types of weather and conditions.They have the ability to win the tough races when most pigeons can't find there way home. Especially now when it is suspected that all the interference in the airways causes great losses.

The big money races the last couple of years have been very tough. But the Hofkens birds came through just fine-not all but a good percentage did, winning Don Barker over $250,000. These birds have the desire to win and the will to come home.

Children  of Laura
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GFL 1442 2005

Grandchildren of Laura

GFL 679 2005 GFL 879 2005