Our Golden Witten  Family 

About Golden Witten

Quote from Mike Ganus

The gift from heaven.  Ludo Claessens was in his yard when out of nowhere this beautiful white grizzle landed.  Ludo contacted the Belgium Royale Federation who responded to him that the fancier had died.  Ludo liked the bird so much that he bred out of him.  He bred the Golden White which won 13th Provencial Orleans vs 3069 birds and 4th Provencial Chateauroux vs 2031 birds.  These are 300 to 350 mile races. She then went on to be the 3rd Golden Crack Winner.  Year after year this white grizzle family kept breeding winners so I went over to Ludo Claessens to see for myself.

As soon as I handled the Golden Witten I knew I had to have him.

Golden Witten is medium in size, strong perfect body, fantastic breeding eyes.  The most beautiful racing pigeon that I have ever seen.  Most important thing though, I knew that he already has bred winners at distances of 200 to 400 miles.

Father and grandfather to:

Yeti   (NL 9964498-99)          1st Morlincourt           15,000 birds
Casper  (NL 9835807-98)      1st Perrone                  4,191 birds
 White Cloud                          8th Niergies                4,339 birds
 Cinderella                           10th Nijvel                     2,281 birds
 White Diamond                    1st Nijvel                      2,348 birds

Some of our Children and Grandchildren of Golden Witten

Snow Queen
(GFL 358 2000)

Daughter of Golden Witten

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Pedigrees of our Direct  Children of  Golden Witten

White Star GFL 167
White Apache GFL 1137
Blue Feather GFL 1168
Young Chief GFL 1191
White Feather GFL 180
Snow Queen GFL 358
The Ice Man GFL 2

Pedigrees of our Grandchildren of  Golden Witten

Singing Wind GFL 1098
Cheyenne Squaw GFL 90
Straight Arrow GFL 622
Apaches Secret GFL 896
Cloud Walker GFL 1090
GFL 138 2002 White Eagle GFL 1091
Lady White GFL 658
GFL 1158 2001 GFL 203 2004
Thunder Queen GFL 831
GFL 36 2004
Arrowhead 11 2005 Arrowhead 79 2005 Arrowhead 78 2005

Pedigrees of our Great Grandchildren of  Golden Witten

White Sands GFL 1250
Wind Chaser GFL 96
Millennium Chief GFL 64
Naked Lady GFL 619
FFL 186 2004

White Eagle Family

This family was selected from Ganus Family Loft by Harold Lamons.
They are responsible for multiple winners in 4 states,  they win from 100 to 500 miles as youngbirds.
"White Eagle" is grandfather to multiple winners thru out the U.S.

Pedigree Pedigree

"White Eagle"  and the  "648 Hen"
Make the base for our White Eagle Family

Quote from Harold Lamons "Eagle Lake Loft" 
90% of "White Eagles" children throw winners.

In 2003 100% of his children threw winners.

This family is linebred to the  "Golden Witten" & "White Horse".
The "648 Hen"  is the original Ganus Grizzle hen bought from Ganus Family Loft.
 This "648 Hen" and "White Eagle" is what the family was built from.
The best of the best.