Son of Aviator

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Son of Aviator
1st Olympic Champion Bird of the Entire World
Long Distance - Portugal

1st Olympic Champion Bird of All Holland Long Distance
1st   Abis                        10,544   birds   300  miles
1st   Vierzon                     3,166   birds   350  miles
1st   Bourges                    2,754   birds   360  miles
3rd  Chateauroux             1,754   birds   400  miles
3rd  Pont. St. Maxence    7,197   birds   200  miles
18th  Chateauroux          12,074   birds   400  miles
and Celeste
1st National Ace W.H.Z.B. All Holland Young Birds 1998
1st Niergnies          3,625 birds          200 miles
2nd Point St. Max   5,704 birds          150 miles
2nd St. Ghislain      4,460 birds          250 miles
3rd Loan                 2,811 birds          250 miles
16th Minderhout      9,300 birds          300 miles
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Our grandchildren of Aviator
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