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America's First
  Belg 6085307-99
National Short Distance Ace of All Belgium and Belgium is known for short distance racers.  This was also the case with the Janssen Bros. Arendonk.  There is a lot of prestige in Belgium surrounding the short distance races due to the amount of fanciers that only participate at 100 - 200 mile events.  A pigeon has to be very smart and fast to win week after week with releases of 100,000 plus birds released together. It takes a smarter bird to clock first when he confronts the massive number of birds, different winds and weather conditions.  I think a successful short distance bird could be a smarter bird than a long distance bird. The family of America's First have won for the Herbot's Family of Belgium up to 420 miles in young and old bird racing.
Breeding from over 40 direct children!


Son of Hercules
Sire of:
1st, 2nd, 3rd Ace Pigeon in Canada with
3 different hens in 2003
Gr/sire  1st 270 miles yb by 15 min.
Gr/sire =1st American Showdown 2004.
Gr/sire =1st Vegas Classic 2005, 205 lofts
=1st Cajun Classic 2004.
1 x 1st, 2 x =1st yb.
In 2006 Gr/grandsire to three of the top six birds in the club, two of the top eleven birds of the Southern New England combine
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This family was selected from Ganus Family Loft by Harold Lamons. They are responsible for multiple winners in 4 states,  they win from 100 to 500 miles as youngbirds.  "White Eagle" is grandfather to multiple winners thru out the U.S.
Quote from Harold Lamons "Eagle Lake Loft" 
90% of "White Eagles" children throw winners. In 2003 100% of his children thru winners.This family is linebred to the  "Golden Witten" & "White Horse". The "648 Hen"  is the original Ganus Grizzle hen bought from Ganus Family Loft.  This hen and "White Eagle" is what the family was built from. The best of the best.

White Horse

The“White Horse”  family is a winning family: A brother won 1st National Argenton, 400 miles, 27,499 birds, a nephew won: 7th National Orleans, 18,540 birds, and a cousin won 2nd National LaSouterraine  400 miles 16,040 birds

Also the 5th Average Speed Winner, America King Cup, 2nd GHC  Classic 300 miles, and 8th place Flamingo International winner, and a granddaughter  won over $35,000. in the Vegas Classic.


1st National Ace Old Males W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1997

 Hollywood is a Hofkens / Janssen cross that really turned into a spectacular breeder.

Children and grandchildren have produced hundreds of winners from distances of 100 to 500 miles.

Children are breeding winners in 8 countries.

Click here to view our children of Hollywood

Breeder's Best

The name of this fantastic hen sums up her credentials as a super breeder.
Breeder's Best has produced 3 different pigeons that won National races or National Ace pigeon awards. 

In addition she has produced many 1st prize winners and foundation breeders.

Click here to view our daughter of Breeder's Best
This hen was purchased at Ganus Family Loft as the best hen ever bred off Hollywood & Breeder's Best.

She is dam to the famous reds off Hollywood and was bred only to his top National Aces such as the Hollywood and the Golden Mattens.

Very inbred to the best hen ever in the sport
Mother to over 15 top foundation breeders of winners and mother to 3 300 mile winners!! She is an inbred daughter when "Hollywood" was mated to his mother, "Breeders Best." This is a Hofkens family wins at all distances!!
mated to Hollywood's Lady
Hofken's Best

Verheyen Hofken

Winner of 6 x 1st

Grandchildren of Hofken's Best have won over $288,000.00

Click here for pedigree of Hofken's Best
Click here for our children of Hofken's Best
This is the old Hofkens family from Louis Van Hove of Belguim.

"LAURA" -The foundation hen of Van Hoves loft,  yes the very best hen in the loft!!

Mother to many many top racers and foundation breeders. 

This family wins from 200 to 500 miles in all types of weather and conditions.

Verheyen Hofkens

Topman Family

Sire :
Nest brother of Young Merckx
Son of Topman)

Dam :
Sister of Topman

Click here for pedigree
More Topman Family Hofkens
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"The Phantom"

Hofken Based Family

Sire to:
"Splash of Cash"      3rd Place Snow Bird Classic 04
"Phantom's Legend"       1st Place Vegas Classic 05
"Royal King"        1st Place Royal Crown Winner 03
"Domino" 2nd Avg. Speed Winner Vegas Classic 02

More than 15 1st Place Club Winners

Grand Sire to Many winners

Click here to view our children of The Phantom


Here you have the best of Louis Van Hove, Driebander blood pure Hofkens.

Quote from Tim Lucas
The only pigeon I have ever bought from Mike Ganus that he asked to buy back if I sold it and I have spent over 120 thousand dollars at Ganus Family Lofts.

Quote from Mike Ganus
 "The best Hofken cock I have ever owned. This cock will make history. There can't be better."

Click here to view pedigree
Click here to view our children of History Maker

The Kleine Lady
Verheyen Hofkens

Daughter of Kleine Merckx Jr. and Euro Flight

The Old Hofkens family.

The following is a quote by Mike Ganus

"Mated to History Maker.
My favorite Hofkens Couple."

The Kleine Lady is a granddaughter of Kleine Merckx '80  - Olympic Champion Belgium in 2 Olympiades
Praag in '83 and Portugal in '85

Click here to view pedigree

Click here to view our children of Kleine Lady

Super Champion
1st Olympic Champion of the World - All Distances 2001

1st Olympic Champion All  Holland - South Africa 2001
1st National Ace Pigeon 1 Day Long Distance Vredesduif 1999

 “Super Champion” children have bred us 5 - 1st prize winners
with more than 10,000 birds competing. A “Super Champion” son bred “Mr. Verbree”, a 1st National Winner and a 2nd National Winner for Koopman and Son.  “Super Champion”
children have been great breeders.  Janssen  Family
1st St. Ghislain                         2,381 birds
1st Niergnies                            4,022 birds
2nd Morlincourt                         1,077 birds
6th National Chateuroux NPO     5,758 birds
9th National Bourges NPO         6,466 birds
13th National Bourges NPO       13,000 birds

Click here to view our Super Champion family

“The President”

1st National Ace Pigeon Short Distance W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1995

Children Bred

1st Snow Bird Classic
1st place Midwest Convention
1st place Vegas.com
7  X 1st at 500 mile races

  This family has bred more than $350,000 in winnings.

  The President is a one in a million champion breeder!!

Click here to view our children of "The President"
1st National Ace Middle Distance
W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1996

1st World Champion V.L. Which stands for Versele Laga

Ikon as a breeder has been sensational

Offspring bred:
1st Place Vegas race          winning $56,000
1st Holiday Cup                  winning $35,000
1st Florida One Loft Race taking over $5,000
A Van Rhijn Kloeck bloodline

Click here to view our children of Ikon


1st National Ace Middle Distance W.H.Z.B. All Holland 1998

1st Houdeng  13,835 birds      200 miles
1st Niergnies   6,325 birds      240 miles
6th Chimay     3,218 birds      180 miles
6th Peronne    2,972 birds      260 miles
6th Morlincourt 2,974 birds     300 miles
8th Peronne    6,622 birds      160 miles

Click Here to view our children of Millennium

We are now breeding from several grandchildren of "Golden Mattens".

Click here to see our grandchildren of Golden Mattens
1st Olympic Champion Bird of the Entire World
Long Distance - Portugal

1st Olympic Champion Bird of All Holland Long Distance

1st   Abis                        10,544   birds   300  miles
1st   Vierzon                     3,166   birds   350  miles
1st   Bourges                    2,754   birds   360  miles
3rd  Chateauroux             1,754   birds   400  miles
3rd  Pont. St. Maxence    7,197   birds   200  miles
18th  Chateauroux          12,074   birds   400  miles

1st National Ace W.H.Z.B. All Holland One Day Long Distance 1998

 Terminator's children have bred two 1st National Race Winners at the longer distances. He is the grandfather to more than 20 winners and 50 foundation breeders of winners. The nice thing about the offspring of Terminator is that they do win as youngbirds.

1st Chateauroux          622 birds          438 miles
1st Houdeng             2,788 birds          140 miles
1st Chateauroux          600 birds          438 miles
1st Bourges                233 birds          410 miles
2nd Etampes            1,346 birds         325 miles
2nd Lorris                 1,164 birds         355 miles


1995 1st National Ace W.H.Z.B.
Middle Distance All Holland

Topo is one of the legendary breeders here in America and in Europe.Because of the success of his offspring.
Winning 1st National Etampes from 270 miles vs 16,335 birds

Topo's offspring bred the Vegas winner winning $74,000
The King Cup hen winning $27,000
The Viola Race Winner winning $55,000.
Plus over 150+ winners across the world

Time Machine

1st National Ace Long Distance Fond W.H.Z.B. All Holland 2002

19th National St. Vincent 17,888 birds              650 miles
27th National Mont de Marsan 17,205 birds       625 miles
109th National Dax  4,195 birds                        640 miles

Click here for our children of Time Machine

Diamond Ring

1st National Ace Youngster All Holland WHZB 2004

4th Creil  7,100 birds               200 miles
13th Hensies  4,497 birds        125 miles
17th Orleans  9,001 birds        300 miles
47th Etampes 13,483 birds       280 miles
55th Creil   8,677 birds             220 miles
65th Heverlee 12,613 birds       100 miles

Click here to view our children of Diamond Ring

969 Janssen Family

Originating from Harold Lamon's "Pair One"

Responsible for multiple foundation breeders and 1st place winners across the country.

Click here to read the Pair One story

Click here to see our Pair One breeders.

White Pigeons

They are very well bred.

These whites descend from import Delbars, Dick Lipski, Continental Breeding Station, Ganus Family Loft,
Roger Mortvedt

 Priced at 10 yb's for $250.00 plus shipping
 or 20 for 450.00 plus shipping.

Birds Available

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